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धलाई के सभी 65पिन कोड की सूची

क्र सं डाक घर पिन कोड तालुक शहर वितरण प्रकार
1 Abhanga B.O 799286 Abhanga धलाई Delivery
2 Ambassa S.O 799289 Ambassa धलाई Delivery
3 Apareshkar B.O 799286 Abhanga धलाई Delivery
4 Bagaicherri B.O 799285 Bagaicherri धलाई Delivery
5 Balarambazar B.O 799204 Balaram धलाई Delivery
6 Baligaon B.O 799285 Baligaon धलाई Delivery
7 Bamancherra B.O 799286 Bamancherra धलाई Delivery
8 Baralutma B.O 799286 Baralutma धलाई Delivery
9 Bhagirathpara B.O 799284 Bhagirathpara धलाई Delivery
10 Bullongbassa B.O 799284 Bullongbassa धलाई Delivery
11 Chailengta S.O 799273 Chailengta धलाई Delivery
12 Chandraipara B.O 799289 Ambassa धलाई Delivery
13 Chawmanu B.O 799273 Chawmanu धलाई Delivery
14 Chengkap B.O 799286 Chengkap धलाई Delivery
15 Chotosarma B.O 799285 Chotosarma धलाई Delivery
16 Dalapatipara B.O 799284 Dalapatipara धलाई Delivery
17 Demchedrra Colony B.O 799275 Demcherra धलाई Delivery
18 Dhumacherra B.O 799275 Dhumacherra धलाई Delivery
19 East Masli B.O 799275 Masli धलाई Delivery
20 Fulcherri B.O 799285 Kamalpur धलाई Non-Delivery
21 Ganganagar Tribalcolony B.O 799289 Ganganagar धलाई Delivery
22 Garodtilla B.O 799285 Kalachari धलाई Delivery
23 Halahali S.O 799286 Halahali धलाई Delivery
24 Harincherra B.O 799289 Ambassa धलाई Delivery
25 Jagabandhu Para B.O 799284 Jagabandhupara धलाई Delivery
26 Jamthing B.O 799286 Jamthing धलाई Delivery
27 Jarulcherra B.O 799275 Jamircherra धलाई Delivery
28 Kachucherra B.O 799278 Kachucherra धलाई Delivery
29 Kamalacherra B.O 799289 Ambassa धलाई Delivery
30 Kamalpur Aerodrome B.O 799287 Salema धलाई Delivery
31 Kamalpur Bazar B.O 799285 Kamalpur धलाई Non-Delivery
32 Kamalpur S.O (Dhalai) 799285 Kamalpur धलाई Delivery
33 Kanchancherra 799266 Manu धलाई Delivery
34 Kanchanpur Colony B.O 799289 Ambassa धलाई Delivery
35 Karatichesdrra B.O 799275 Karaticherra धलाई Delivery
36 Karnamunipara B.O 799289 Ambassa धलाई Delivery
37 Katalutma B.O 799286 Katalutma धलाई Delivery
38 Kuchainala B.O 799287 Kuchainala धलाई Delivery
39 Kulaibazar S.O 799204 Kulai धलाई Delivery
40 Lakraichowdhuripara B.O 799289 Ambassa धलाई Delivery
41 Laldingabari B.O 799273 Labancherra धलाई Delivery
42 Laxmipur B.O 799284 Laxmipur धलाई Delivery
43 Longtharai B.O 799275 Longtharai धलाई Delivery
44 Maharani Bus Stop B.O 799278 Maharanipur धलाई Delivery
45 Mainerma B.O 799275 Mainerma धलाई Delivery
46 Manikbhander S.O 799287 Manikbhander धलाई Delivery
47 Manikpur B.O 799273 Manikpur धलाई Delivery
48 Manughat S.O 799275 Manughat धलाई Delivery
49 Maracherra B.O 799285 Maracherra धलाई Delivery
50 Maslicherra B.O 799275 Masli धलाई Delivery
51 Mechuria B.O 799278 Mechuria धलाई Delivery
52 Mendihaor B.O 799278 Mendihaor धलाई Delivery
53 Nagbangshi B.O 799287 Nagbangshi धलाई Delivery
54 Nalicherra B.O 799204 Nalicherra धलाई Delivery
55 Natinmanu B.O 799273 Natinmanu धलाई Delivery
56 Noagoan B.O 799285 Noagaon धलाई Delivery
57 Paschim Dalucherra B.O 799278 Paschim Dalucherra धलाई Delivery
58 Ramdurlavpur B.O 799285 Mayachari धलाई Delivery
59 Ranipukur B.O 799284 Ranipukur धलाई Delivery
60 Salema S.O 799278 Salema धलाई Delivery
61 Sarma S.O 799284 Sarma धलाई Delivery
62 Sikaribari B.O 799289 Ambassa धलाई Delivery
63 Sindhukumarpara B.O 799275 Sindhukumarpara धलाई Delivery
64 Singibill B.O 799285 Halhuli धलाई Delivery
65 Srirampur Lambucherra B.O 799287 Srirampur Lambucherra धलाई Delivery

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धलाईमें कुल 65 डाक घर व पिन कोड है

There are total 4 districts in TRIPURA state in which Dhalai is one of them, that is very famous and growing district of TRIPURA. Total 42 places list of Dhalai district with Pin code, taluk, division, sub division, circle, region, and contacts are available on Address Adda. There are so many blocks in Dhalai District like Abhanga B.O, Ambassa S.O, Apareshkar B.O, Bagaicherri B.O, Balarambazar B.O, Baligaon B.O, Bamancherra B.O, Baralutma B.O, Bhagirathpara B.O, Bullongbassa B.O, Chailengta S.O, Chandraipara B.O, Chawmanu B.O, Chengkap B.O, Chotosarma B.O, Dalapatipara B.O, Demchedrra Colony B.O, Dhumacherra B.O, East Masli B.O, Fulcherri B.O, Ganganagar Tribalcolony B.O, Garodtilla B.O, Halahali S.O, Harincherra B.O, Jagabandhu Para B.O, Jamthing B.O, Jarulcherra B.O, Kachucherra B.O, Kamalacherra B.O, Kamalpur Aerodrome B.O etc. All pin codes of all blocks and taluks of Dhalai is available here.

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Indian Postal Services use Postal Index Number(PIN) also called as Pincode for numbering Post Offices. PIN Code is a 6 digit numerical code used to find delivery Post Offices in India. The PIN codes provided by Indian Postal Services are divided in 9 zones. The first digit represents the region,second digits represents the sub-region whereas the third digit represents the district of that particular region.

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